26 MARCH 2012



HERMES Airports Ltd, the consortium in charge of operating and managing Larnaca International Airport, and Far Eastern Phoenix, a chinese controlled entity, have signed an agreement providing   a massive investment involving the construction of exhibition showrooms and a logistical services centre at the old Larnaca airport building.


The International trade and Exhibition Centre will be the jewels of the Mediterranean and will be located only 2 km from Larnaca International Airport and 5 km from Larnaca City Center. According to Chinese operators, this is a bright Pearl in the Mediterranean, a dreamlike city for Africa, Asia and Europe. The attached video is the three-dimensional presentation of the building, as it was during the presentation at the Presidential Palace in Cyprus.It is a building with a cover area up to 477,256 square meters, which will be 3,650 shops and parking capacity of 1,640 cars. A special bus line connects the building with the new Larnaca Airport. The Chinese themselves are characteristic of Cyprus, as a modern, European and dreamlike area for Asia, Africa and Europe.


The enormous shopping centre, including showrooms for industrial machinery and furniture. In addition there are shops with clothing and footwear, food, jewellery, cosmetics, fitness, Chinese products and cinemas. The architectural exterior plan of the building is converted into a huge sign for advertising so that make the building an enormous building-display (LED), which will be constantly changing color lights, effects and allows for high-resolution ads. The Chinese themselves characterize Cyprus, as a modern, European and dreamlike area for Asia, Africa and Europe.

Larnaca Region (Official Video Clip)